Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Car Survival Kit

Do your kids struggle with getting along in the car?  Is the car usually the first place that things "erupt"?  Do you dread having to drive your kids somewhere because you know they will get into a fight? 

You are not alone!  So many of my parents come to my office with stories about their car rides to school, home from school, and even to my office.  We have worked together to come up with a Car Survival Kit to help keep the peace in your car.

You might want to tailor it to fit your family, but here is the general template:

  • A small plastic box with a lid
  • Small notepads and pencils for each child (great for writing down their issues rather than yelling about them)
  • Headphones (don't have to plug into anything but can drown out the sound)
  • Peppermints or jolly ranchers (use these as sort of a "time out".  whenever they have one in their mouth they can not speak but are to spend the time calming down)
  • Small bottle of 'magic lotion.' (This is the lotion that I use to heal hurts -inside or outside ones- in my office.  It is just lavender scented, sparkly lotion.  If one sibling calls the other a name, then the magic lotion can be used to help them feel better).
  • Fidget toys (slinky, tangle, stretchy things, stress balls)
  • Markers or crayons to draw about their feelings
  • An eye mask or two

I hope this kit helps you and your family from needing to pull the car over and manage an argument as often.  The families that have incorporated this kit have said that the children enjoy car rides now and are even improving on sharing and communicating with each other.

Feel free to add a comment about what you would put in your Car Survival Kit


  1. Thanks for reminding me about a survival kit I made for my kids a month ago. Mine mainly comprises of toys, candy, and a few energy bars. It is really helpful during car camping. If you have a problem building a kit for your kids, you can learn the basics here:



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