Friday, September 7, 2012

Playful Balloons

I wanted to give parents and teachers some fun and inexpensive ways to play with their children.  Balloons are always a big hit in the play room. 

Here are some fun ways to play with a balloon:
  • Balloon Volleyball - hit the balloon back and forth and try to keep it from falling to the ground
  • Feeling Face Balloon - draw different feeling faces on the balloons with sharpie markers
  • Balloon Dance Around - blow up a balloon but don't tie it.  let it go and then mimic the way it fell to the ground by dancing
  • Shaker Balloons - fill a balloon with different things (pennies, rocks, glitter) and then blow them up.  see the different ways they move and fall.
  • Stress Ball Balloons - fill balloons with flour, rice, water, etc. to create squeezable stress balls
  • Balloon Pop - blow up a bunch of balloons and put a prize in one.  come up with creative ways to pop the balloons to find the prize
  • Air Balloon - use only your breath to keep the balloon in the air
Here are a couple websites with even more ideas:

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