Thursday, February 16, 2012

What you can expect in counseling

Some people are nervous or unsure of what counseling will look like.  Each therapist is going to be a little different, but at Necessary Play here are some things that you can expect when you are first getting started:
1) a comfortable, confidential office space
2) there is a couch, but also chairs, tables, play space, and office space.  When working with kids and families, we rarely just sit on couches :)
3) an open, non-judgemental, safe space
4) an opportunity for change and growth
5) a place to gain resources and skills to take with you outside of the office space

Deciding to come to counseling is a tough decision for many.  It often means admitting to yourself that you need assistance.  However, it does not mean that you are horrible, stupid, or crazy.  I remind others, and myself, that we are quick to go to the doctor when we need medication or advice on our physical health, so why should our mental and emotional health be any different.  I hope that you consider counseling and the possibilities for change.

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